APRIL 18 2018, 19:00
Tower talk

Guided tour of the exhibition with Visual Tuba.

The event is free of charge. However, the general entrance fee
of 25kr. for adults and 5kr. for kids (5-15 years) still applies.

April 25 2018, 20:00

How to reinvent one of the world’s biggest museums?

In the time leading up to the long-awaited reopening of Vienna’s enormous history of arts museum, this documentary offers a unique and inspiring glimpse into everything from daily routines to PR, building exhibitions, human relations and curatorial initiatives. Accompanied by dry facts, good human values and involuntary comedy, we get an
in-depth insight into everyday life at one of the world's most famous cultural institutions, "Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien."
A must-see for anyone in the culture business!

Watch the trailer here.

The documentary is presented in collaboration with REEL pictures.

Danish subtitles
Tickets 45 DKK

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May 05 2018, 10:00—12:00 & 13:00—15:00
Copenhagen Signs kids workshop

Sign painting workshop for kids from 7-15 years.

Copenhagen Signs is a creative force within his noble craft, and one of the major profiles of European sign painting. At Comic Citrone, he is hosting an intuitive sign painting workshop for kids. The workshop is for everyone, and previous experience is not required. Come by with your big interest in letters, curiosity and creative skills.

”Always hand paint!” is the motto, come and make letters with us!

Small children should be accompanied by an adult. Limited number of seats.
The event is free of charge. However, the general entrance fee of 25kr. for adults and 5kr. for kids (5-15 years) still applies.

The session from 10:00 - 12:00 is for the 7-11 year olds
The session from 13:00 - 15:00 is for the 12-15 year olds

With a booking you are guaranteed a space for the Copenhagen Signs children's workshop.Please respect that these workshops are very popular and let us know as soon as possible if you are prevented from coming, so that the space can be passed on to another.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Copenhagen Signs regularly holds workshops for adults, and often with exciting guest teachers from all over the world...

Follow the workshop program for adults here

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May 09 2018, 20:00
Mike’s tales of a traveling sign painter

Mike Meyer's 30-plus years as an active participant in the Letterheads movement make him a true ambassador for the sign painting business. We have invited Mike and his ”Tales of a traveling sign painter” to Comic Citrone and look forward to hearing about all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to him over the years, he discovered sign painting as a free-spirited youngster and never wanted to do anything else.
Mike emphasizes the importance of passing on knowledge to the next generation, a philosophy we at Visual Tuba support and, with this lecture, hope to contribute to.

See you there and until then you can warm up with the great documentary
"Man with a brush"

Tickets 75 DKK

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May 10—13 2018

”We’d love to talk about how we can help you make better letters.”

This four-day workshop by globetrotter Mike Meyer is a crash course in the essentials of sign painting, with fun, lettering and laughs throughout. The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those with previous experience, with Mike providing
one-to- one input throughout.

The workshop is organized by our friends from Better Letters and hosted at the Copenhagen Signs studio in København NV.

Here's a few relevant links for you:
What happens at Mike Meyer´s workshops?
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Workshop fee 4950 DKK

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May 17 2018, 18:00—20:00
Live drawing with Thomas Pålsson, Jakob Tolstrup & co.

Two artists with outstanding drawing skills are stopping by Comic Citrone for a live drawing session!
Pålsson and Tolstrup, both of whom, in addition to drawing, paint on canvas as well as on the walls of the city, are bringing their respective personal styles and give us an insight into the creative processes.

Our "drawing jam" is accompanied by a small organic bar, so come by for a fun and casual evening, a refreshing glass of organic wine, an organic beer and the dancing black line.

The event is free of charge. However, the general entrance fee of 25kr. for adults and 5kr. for kids (5-15 years) still applies.

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May 19 2018, 10:00—12:00 & 13:00—15:00
Make your own badge kids!

We bought a badge-making machine, and what could be better than using it for a workshop for kids. Come by with your statements, joy of drawing and best ideas. Both serious and wacky ideas are welcome!

Small children should be accompanied by an adult. Limited number of seats.
The event is free of charge. However, the general entrance fee of 25kr. for adults and 5kr. for kids (5-15 years) still applies.

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may 25 2018, 20:00
Kortfilm & Cocktails

Visual Tuba presents a curated surf around the internet, from which we have composed a short film program of different, thoughtful and entertaining documentary and animation films.
The always amazing Barking Dog will provide the drinks, and on this evening you will be participating in a social experiment: the bar will be open during the screening, and you can have a steady flow of driks delivered straight to your seat number with payment through Mobilepay.
We look forward to an evening with art, reflection, inspiration and lots of laughs!

Tickets 75 DKK

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June 02 2018, 20:00
“Good to be bad to be” talk by founder of HORT, Eike König

“Is a period of non-creation part of creation itself?”

For this final event we welcome Eike König, founder of the Berlin-based graphic design studio HORT, whose experimental, anti-aesthetic style and free-spirited approach is well known to most in the graphic design world. Eike is a designer, artist and professor of graphic design at the University of Offenbach, and we are looking forward his talk “Good to be bad to be”.
To enhance the mood, The Barking Dog will, once again, be behind the bar.

Tickets 75 DKK

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Breath Project

“Reforesting is something everybody should be talking about!”

Breath plants trees to fight deforestation.
Breath is a huge organic drawing by Spanish artist Escif, made out of 5.000 crowdfunded trees planted on Mount Olivella in southern Italy. In a time where we consume more water, air, flora and wildlife than the ecosystem is able to regenerate, we at Comic Citrone will do all we can to help spread the message of this important project.

Come by the exhibition to “adopt a tree” and be a part of the 120.000-square meter work of art. Or go directly to and “adopt a tree” for €12 in support of this incredibly interesting social experiment of crowdfunding the creation of a forest.

“Let’s push things forward!”

Breath Project